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Berlin, Germany | Entrepreneurs in Residence | Full-time | COVID-19 remote


Company Description

Beam aims to become the world’s most successful logistics company builder. Globally, at over € 8 trillion, the logistics industry is huge. Startups are only beginning to scratch the surface of the transformation made possible by applying software to business problems. 

We are backed by BEUMER Group, a € 1 B revenue, German, family-owned logistics company with a global footprint and access to an extensive network of industrial customers. Our competencies are enhanced by our excellent network of startup mentors, venture capitalists, and technical experts. Headquartered in Berlin, we are committed to becoming the most indispensable – and yet humble – partner for any entrepreneur who believes they can build a next-generation logistics unicorn.

We are looking for entrepreneurs to validate business opportunities, compete with peers, be held accountable for timelines, deadlines, and deliverables. Your goal is to create momentum in your validation and ultimately launch a high-potential startup. We expect you to take full advantage of our office space, hold meetings, and attract experts, customers, and partners alike. An ideal person for this position is eager to create new and effective solutions for outdated and cumbersome logistics problems.

Job description

  • You work intensively to validate a problem of your choice and then find a possible solution to that problem.
  • You will conduct interviews with industry stakeholders and gain access to experts from the BEUMER Group to gain further insights.
  • You will devote all your time and energy to your validation, receiving ongoing support from our value and mission-aligned team of professionals, when it matters most.
  • You will be in direct contact with the Beam team and can be involved in the processes and potential of the BEUMER Group. Even if our paths part again after your validation, you have achieved tangible results and built up an extensive network.

You think and act with a long-term perspective in mind: Your ultimate goal is to launch a logistics start-up with Beam. 

What speaks in our favor?

  • We offer you pre-validated logistics problems, not solutions! Pre-validated problems increase the likelihood of success due to better chances of product-market fit! 
  • You have the freedom to develop your own business model and business plan. Depending on the scope of the problem, you can take (unfair) advantage of having a direct connection to the BEUMER Group. 
  • The BEUMER Group is a more than an 85-year-old family business, which we are a part of. Essential to our company’s DNA is that we are not looking for easy money, but want to help you build something really big over many years.
  • At Beam, you will be advised and coached on business development - and have access to our network of experts.
  • You will receive our extensive support in searching - and finding - suitable co-validators/co-founders. We encourage you to also tap into your own network and propose a potential co-validator with your application.
  • You have round-the-clock access to our office and meeting rooms and can work with the technical equipment that suits you best.
  • You can work together with like-minded entrepreneurs in an atmosphere that makes you want to succeed.
  • You will receive a monthly remuneration of 2,500 € (gross) for the duration of your validation (3-4 months) - so that you can fully concentrate on your validation.


  • You have very strong analytical skills and demonstrable curiosity.
  • You have at least 2 years of start-up experience and 5 years of professional experience in technology and/or logistics.
  • You have entrepreneurial and/or start-up experience and can back it up with a track record of successful endeavors.
  • You are business fluent in English and German. If you don't speak German, please let us know what skills or network you bring to the table that will help you succeed in the European tech ecosystem.

How to apply?

Please apply with your CV and your LinkedIn or Xing profile. Please also answer the following questions in the application form: 

  1. Do you have at least two years of start-up experience? Which startup was it, and what were your tasks there? What did you learn from it?
  2. Please explain why launching a software start-up in logistics is the next logical step for you?

We also kindly ask you to let us know your gender, level of German skills, and the highest level of education you've obtained along your journey.

If you have any other documents that you wish to submit, please do so!